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Chisolm Law Offices offers legal counsel for a wide array of civil matters (i.e., cases that do not involve criminal charges, arrests or prosecution).

Our office prepares wills and estate documents. We work closely with our clients to understand their end-of-life needs and expectations and to provide documents and advice to ensure that their estate plans are sound and will be carried out. Too often, people believe that all they need to do, is to go online and create a document themselves – to their detriment. Estate planning involves more than just signing a pre-designed form.

We also provide services and advice for clients going through divorce, child support and parental rights issues. Our philosophy is to try first to resolve matters amicably and quickly – which saves money for our clients. However, we also believe that Our clients come first and we are willing to fight tooth and nail to get them the outcome that they want and deserve.

Our office represents clients in all forms of civil litigation and business matters. We, in some cases, have helped our clients to pursue compensation from their employers and helped small businesses in an array of civil matters in court. We have also drafted a wide array of contracts, ranging from small property leases to local location agreements with Hollywood studios. These are just a few examples of the types of civil services we provide. We truly have the “experience for all your legal needs.”

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Child Support




Demand Letters

Civil Suits